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Where Do Bone Spurs Occur In My Feet?

Bone spurs are an overgrowth of bone. They occur on the feet and ankles, as well as other parts of the skeletal system. A bone spur can be either large or small, and not all of them cause discomfort.

Where Bone Spurs Occur in the Feet

Bone spurs that are large enough to be noticed without an x-ray are usually found on the top or side of the foot. They may also be noticed on the toes. If you notice a hard lump or protrusion on your foot at a joint, you may have found a bone spur.

Symptoms of Bone Spurs

Pain is usually the first sign that a bone spur is present. It results from the bone spur pressing against a nerve, tendon or a muscle. Bone spurs may also interfere with the function of a joint, causing pain. The amount of pain can range from mild discomfort to severe pain each time a person tries to take a step.

The area near the bone spur may be red and swollen.

If a piece of the spur breaks off and lodges in a joint, it will “lock.” At this point it will be very painful to try to move the affected joint.

Treatment for Bone Spurs

There are a number of treatments for bone spurs available, including changing to a less restrictive style of shoe and using orthopaedic padding to keep pressure off the affected area while wearing footwear. Consult a podiatrist for a diagnosis and to find the right solution for you.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from bone spurs, contact Sheldon H. Nadal, D.P.M. to arrange an appointment for a personal consultation.He can diagnose and treat your foot and ankle concerns. 

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