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6 Tips for A Quick Recovery After Bunion Surgery

6 Tips for A Quick Recovery After Bunion Surgery

You’ve just had bunion surgery, and, in a while, you will be back on your feet. But until then, post-bunion-surgery recovery demands a little downtime for healing, 4 to 6 months for most people.

Factors like age, surgery specifics, and general body health affect how long it takes to heal. But you can take a few measures to make this process easier and recover quickly.

1. Prepare your house post-surgery

Your mobility will be limited, so prepare your house. Stock up on bathroom supplies, purchase frozen meals and ask someone to set up a sleeping place downstairs so you can avoid the stairs.

Make clear navigation paths to essential rooms like the bathroom by removing furniture and loose rugs.

2. Keep your foot dry

You should keep your foot dry until your podiatrist gives you the go-ahead to clean it.

3. Mobility

Your podiatrist will recommend lots of rest with limited movement.

4. Avoid heavy lifting

Ensure that you avoid all heavy lifting. Putting weight on your foot is not recommended since it strains the bones and tissues, delaying healing.

Even when you get to the walking boot part of your recovery, you should refrain from lifting heavy objects. It is therefore advisable to get a helper for the next few months.

5. Make physical therapy a priority. 

Your foot specialist may recommend therapy after bunion surgery because it will help you recover faster.

Therapy will also reduce the likelihood of accidents, thus promoting faster healing. In addition, the therapy sessions will help you walk better on your ‘new’ foot when everything comes off.

6. Keep up with follow-up appointments.

If your foot specialist asks you to go for a follow-up appointment, ensure you honor it. Follow-up appointments will allow them to monitor your recovery progress.

Additionally, the podiatrist will be able to assess the potential of developing infections and other issues that may hinder the speed of your recovery.

Reschedule if you cannot make the set date and bring up any changes or concerns regarding your affected foot with your podiatrist.

The Takeaway

Keeping up with advice from your podiatrist should be your number one priority. So, keep the weight off your foot, take medications as guided, and attend all required therapy and follow-up appointments.

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