Charlotte Bobcats basketball player will miss the rest of the NBA season with a foot injury


According to, seven foot center Brendan Haywood will miss the remainder of the NBA season after being diagnosed with a stress reaction in his left foot.

When too much stress is placed on a foot bone during walking or sports, the lining of the bone can become irritated and inflamed.  If the foot continues to be stressed, this can result in what is known as a stress fracture or a broken bone.

In my Toronto podiatry office I see this most commonly in one of the five long bones of the foot called metatarsals.   However, this can occur in other bones in the foot or ankle.  Apparently, Brendan Haywood’s problem is at the ankle.   He will be treated with a walking boot for the next four weeks.   This type of problem is becoming more common in professional basketball players since they tend to be very big men and, they are also wearing lighter, less shock absorbing shoes.   The shoes do not absorb as much shock as necessary, resulting in the injury. 

If you suspect that you are having a stress problem with a bone in your foot, I recommend that you rest the foot as much as possible and apply ice to the tender area for a few minutes out of each hour.  Antiinflammatory medications such over the counter Ibuprofen or Aspirin might also be helpful.  If you try to run through this type of injury, there is a good chance you will develop a stress fracture and will be off your sport even longer.

In addition to recommending ice and rest, I use a combination of soundwaves and Laser Pain Treatment to reduce the inflammation and shorten the healing time.

If you or someone you know suffer from foot pain, please call my Toronto foot clinic at 416-486-9917 for a private consultation.  I want to help you get back to your sport as quickly as possible. 


In the photo, Brendan Haywood, while playing for Dallas, is seen trying to gently remove the face of the Lakers' Pau Gasol