Great Foot Care Stocking Stuffers

Everybody likes big gifts but there’s something to be said for a bunch of little ones as well.  That’s what stocking stuffers are for – relatively small and inexpensive and made to be given in bunches.  For little ones that usually means smaller toys but for older people the array of possibilities expands dramatically.  In fact, they’ll get a lot more use out of things that help them stay healthy and make them look good.  So when it comes time to stuff those stockings here are some foot care gifts to keep in mind.

Nail Care Kits

One of the things that comes with the holiday season is cosmetic and skin care manufacturers’ start packaging together products into kits to make gift buying easier.  A nail care kit will come with all of the necessary tools including clippers, files, and buffing blocks along with a lotion and cuticle oil.  These kits are a great ways to get younger folks on the road to proper nail health.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is a porous rock that results when lava meets water and hardens.  It’s abrasive but in a way that doesn’t scratch the skin.  It’s ideal for rubbing away dead or dry skin and can make your feet shiny and smooth.  If you’re looking to exfoliate particularly rough skin a pumice stone can be a big help.

Oils and Lotions

As always, the best tools are preventative ones.  You will see a lot of skin care kits available that can do double duty on your feet.  Oil and water-based moisturizers are a plus – oil in the dryer winter months and water-based when it gets warmer – as are cleansers and other creams.

Taking care of your feet can be easy if you have a few of the right tools -- so be good and maybe you’ll get something nice in your stocking this year.  If you have any foot issues that can’t be solved by a seasonal gift contact Sheldon H. Nadal, D.P.M. at his Toronto Podiatry Clinic today.