Halloween Tips for Healthy Feet

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and soon the streets will be filled with all manner of ghosts and goblins, and heroes and princesses.  Although Halloween has come and gone, it  can be a fun night for the whole family, and especially for candy-loving kids, but before you take the kids out trick and treating next year, there are few tips you should be aware of to help keep them and their feet safe.

Keep Feet Healthy and Warm

Good shoes are a must especially if you plan on hitting a lot of houses before it gets too late.  While some of the smaller members of the family might want to stick with costume-appropriate footwear do what you can to convince them to go with something comfortable and supportive.  If you mention that they’ll increase their candy haul with better shoes they’ll usually comply.  Make sure they wear good socks as well to keep the dry cold air out, and if it’s a little wet out there make sure they’re wearing appropriate footwear so they don’t end up with cold, soaked, and potentially peeling feet. 

Safety First

Remember to remind kids about proper safety procedures as well.  Don’t let them walk anywhere unsafe including across lawns that might have obstacles they can’t see.  Stick to well-lit sidewalks and driveways that they know will be level.  Whether your children are wearing costumes of effervescent pink or deep black you should amplify their visibility by attaching some reflective tape to ensure no accidental injury.

With the right precautions Halloween can be safe and fun.  Just make sure not to eat too much candy too fast!  If you have any foot problems resulting from Halloween festivities or want to get them in good shape beforehand contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto podiatry clinic today.