How to Know When You Might Need Orthotics

Orthotics, or shoe inserts, are becoming a much more important part of maintaining foot health.  By placing your foot in a position that best suits you and better controlling its motion, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a pain-free active lifestyle.  You may be wondering if your particular issue requires orthotics, and to help you decide, here are three common reasons to get them.

Foot and Heel Pain

Most people are used to a little foot pain so when it starts to become chronic and severe they’re far more likely to try to ignore the indications that something serious is now afflicting them.  Prolonged exposure to improperly fitting footwear is a major cause because such footwear can force your feet into an unnatural position.  Orthotics can remedy the situation by offsetting the improper adjustments bad shoes have made to your feet.

Abnormal Gait

Whether you’re a pronator (the front of your feet point outward and you put pressure on the inside of your ankles) or a supinator (your feet point inward and you walk on the outside of your feet) orthotics will help you adjust your gait to a healthier neutral stance.

Illness and Injury

Any injuries to your feet or legs may require the support that orthotics can provide to make sure you not only heal but do so in a way that promotes a proper gait.  Many illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis that affect the feet can benefit from orthotics as well. 

While there are certainly orthotics available at your local drugstore it is generally far more beneficial to be properly diagnosed and have custom orthotics built specifically for your feet.  If you feel you could benefit from orthotics or have a foot problem you want identified and solved contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto podiatry clinic today.