Is Toronto podiatrist the new lead singer and keyboard player for Chicago?

In March of 2018, Toronto podiatrist Sheldon Nadal, D.P.M, celebrated a milestone birthday with his friends and family at Safari Bar and Grill.

The entertainment was provided by local Chicago tribute band, The Chicago Project.

As some of you may know, Chicago has a new lead singer named Neil Donell, among other things was the lead singer for another Toronto Chicago tribute band called, Brass Transit. I heard him perform last summer with Chicago and he was definitely better than the lead singer at the time. 

The question is, if he does not work out, will Sheldon Nadal become the new lead singer and keyboard man? The following videos show him performing, "Colour My World" and "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is".

Until that day comes, you will find him in his Toronto podiatry clinic performing minimally invasive foot surgery for all his favourite patients.