New study suggests that painful foot problems such as bunions and hammetoes are hereditary

For many years, Toronto podiatrist, Sheldon Nadal, D.P.M., has told his patients that, he believes most structural foot disorders, such as bunions and hammer toes, are hereditary and not caused by shoes. While it is true that improper shoes will aggravate a pre-existing deformity, Nadal has found that most people who come in to his office suffering from bunion pain and crooked toes know of other members of the family with similar problems.

Now in a study published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research, there is significant evidence to confirm this theory.  

The study suggests that these deformities are highly heritable, particularly with men and women of European descent. 

If you suffer from Bunions, Hammertoes, or other painful foot deformities, you no longer have to feel guilty for wearing those high heeled dressy shoes during your youth, since, chances are, you would have developed these problems anyway.

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