Picking the Right Snow Boots

As we get deeper into autumn the reminders are constant: winter is coming.  That means cold, snow, sleet, slush, melt, and more snow.  When it comes to dealing with winter preparation remains key.  For feet that means picking the right boot to wear when you’re out in the worst that winter can hand you.  Whether you’re shovelling the driveway or just getting to work on a particularly miserable day you need something that can keep your toes dry and warm and that means picking the right boots.

Winter Boots vs. Snow Boots

The two types of boots you’ll be wearing in the cold weather will be winter and snow boots.  Winter boots, as a rule, tend to be more stylish and built primarily for warmth.  A snow boot is built to withstand the elements which means they are not only warm but waterproof as well.  Winter boots work well most of the time when the sidewalks are clear and there’s not too much worry about snow or slush.  When things get heavy – that’s when you’ll need your snow boots.

What to Look For

When picking a snow boot you’re looking for something that will keep out the cold and the wet.  Fashion is usually a secondary consideration but there are some relatively elegant models available.  Look for something with a reasonably high top so high snow doesn’t end up getting inside and a good tread for getting around on slippery surfaces is a big help as well.  When it comes to footwear breathability is usually better but snow boots are an exception.  That said, they’re not meant to be worn all day long so once you’re indoors you’ll want to switch to a more environment-appropriate shoe.

Taking Care of Them

Snow Boots are hardy but it’s a good idea to wipe them off after using them especially if they’re made of leather to prevent any deterioration of the material.  If taken care of and used sparingly a pair of snow boots can last for years.

Having a good pair of snow boots is just a part of the Canadian experience and picking the right ones will ensure you won’t have to worry about the unpleasantness that comes when feet meet snow.  If you need assistance with any winter-related foot issues or any foot problems at all you should contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto podiatry clinic today.