Protecting Your Feet on Long Trips

As we approach the holiday season the time is coming for family, friends, and food.  Along with those things often comes a need to travel either for family events or for a vacation to recuperate afterwards.  Regardless of where you’re heading it’s probably going to take a while to get there so for long trips it’s important to keep an eye on your feet to make sure they’re doing okay.  Here are some tips for the journey and the destination.

Dealing with Swelling

If you’re travelling, especially by air, you could be susceptible to swollen feet.  There are ways to stave off too much discomfort however.  First, try to lay off the salt before you travel and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.  You don’t want your feet getting cramped so make sure you stow your bag overhead and grab an aisle seat if you can.  Take some time to get up and walk around during the flight if only to get your legs moving and if that doesn’t work try moving your toes to exercise them or just give your feet a good rub.

Cold Destinations

When it comes to colder travel spots most of the same advice for Toronto works.  Try to wear boots that are warm and breathable and have good tread to make moving over slippery ground easier.  Remember to moisturize so that your feet don’t crack and make sure that whatever footwear you have fits well and doesn’t squeeze your toes.

Warm Destinations

For those heading south make sure that you’re only using flip-flops to get back and forth to the pool and not for long distances.  Stick with shoes or sandals with proper heel and arch support if you need to be on your feet for any reasonable length of time.  As always, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen for your feet and every other part of your body you’re exposing to the sun.

Whether you’re heading for far off shores, snow-capped mountains, or staying close to home it’s always important to take care of your feet.  If you have any foot issues that you’d like to have examined by a professional call Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto podiatry clinic today.