Reasons You May Need Toe Surgery


While your toe may possess small bones, any conditions or injuries to these tiny elements in your body can cause intense pain, making it difficult for you to walk or run. While there are various treatment options for each of these painful conditions, one common option may be toe surgery. Let’s discuss two reasons you may need to consider toe surgery to find the relief that you desperately desire.


1. Hammertoe Surgery


Hammertoe is extremely painful for individuals. With this condition, the toe begins to bend at the joint and will point upward. This is most common in the second, third, or fourth toe. This can become painful for individuals and those with the condition are more prone to corns, calluses, and other foot issues. For severe cases, surgery is needed to fix the hammertoe.


Hammertoe surgery can seem scary but it is a routine procedure. It is typically an outpatient procedure meaning that patients can go home the same day as the surgery. There will be some pain following the procedure and swelling can occur for weeks at a time.  

2. Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown toenails can be a painful condition that occurs time and time again. This often occurs because the toenail was poorly cut. It may have been cut too short or poorly around the corners. Shoes and socks that are too tight can also cause ingrown toenails, as well as feet that are constantly dirty and not well cared for.


While some ingrown toenails are easy to care for, surgery may be needed to cut out part of the toenail. Luckily, this is typically a less invasive procedure than other types of toe surgery. In some cases, medication may be placed on the nail to help prevent ingrown toenails from recurring.


If you frequently suffer from ingrown toenails, have a hammertoe, or you have questions about others areas on your foot where you may be experiencing pain; schedule an appointment with your Toronto podiatrist Sheldon H. Nadal today. You deserve to find relief and walk, run, or play pain-free.