Recognizing Foot Problems in Children

Part of parenting is keeping an eye out for any health issues your kids might have and there’s plenty of scrapes and bruises to contend with.  For foot issues however problems can appear gradually, be not particularly noticeable, or be simply something your child is unwilling to share with you.  Over time those problems can grow to become painful or chronic so spotting them early can be crucial.  Thankfully there are ways to see if your child’s feet are healthy or not.

Watch How They Walk

The most obvious clues are in the way they walk.  Look for pronation (the front of your feet point outward and you put pressure on the inside of your arches) or supination (your feet point inward and you walk on the outside of your feet) and look to get those issues taken care of before they become a problem later in life.  If their ankles seem weak or easily give out that may also be indicative of a larger problem as well.  Any limping should obviously be inquired about especially if it lasts for longer than a couple of days.

Take Note of Changes in Behaviour

Ingrown toenails are very common in children but they’re also unpleasant to look at and that may make the child embarrassed.  If socks are suddenly worn during times when the child was normally barefoot that’s an indicator they’re trying to cover something up.  Also look for an unwillingness to engage in physical activities they previously enjoyed and watch for language like “tired feet” which may show they’re experiencing foot pain.

Take a Good Look at Their Feet

If you’re concerned their feet might be problematic have them remove their socks and take a good look.  See if you can manipulate it without them wincing in pain and look for anything out of the ordinary.  Ingrown toenails are easy to spot but you should also keep an eye out for swelling or redness that doesn’t go away, thick calluses in a single area in the foot, or any particularly painful areas. 

If your child is experiencing the problems above or any other foot-related ailment you’ll want to take them to see someone who can help.  Contact Toronto podiatrist Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. today to make sure your kids can stay healthy and active.