San Diego Padres infielder will be off at least six weeks with recurrence of plantar fasciitis


A few weeks ago I  blogged about pro baseball player Logan Forsythe, who had been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis .. It was hoped that two injections, combined with three or four days of rest would allow his pain to be manageable.  Unfortunately, according to, Forsythe suffered a relapse following a pre-season game on March 26, 2013.  The foot is now worse than before and he will be out for a minimum of six weeks.  Apparently, he will be in a walking boot for the first three weeks.

The plantar fascia is a broad ligament that runs along the ball of the foot from the heel bone or calcaneus to the front of the foot near the toes.  It helps support the arch.

If the foot is not balanced and supported properly during strenuous activities, such as baseball, the plantar fascia can be stretched, strained, or irritated.  This often occurs close to the heel bone. Patients with this problem can experience severe pain with the first few steps in the morning and with the first few steps following rest.  Unfortunately, if the faulty mechanics are not addressed, it is often not enough just to have a cortisone injection.  In many cases it is necessary for orthotics to be made to help improve the mechanics and to relieve the pull of the plantar fascia.  The other issue is that, while cortisone injections can relieve the inflammation, they also weaken the connective tissue.  Oral antiinflammatory medication, which can also relieve inflammation, can cause problems with the stomach, blood pressure or heart.

This Toronto podiatrist  would treat someone like Forsythe with sound waves and laser, which do not have the side effects of cortisone and pills.

In a case like this I would consider using a soundwave called extracorporeal shockwave in my Toronto foot clinic.  This is a high intensity soundwave that is administered under local anesthetic.   In my experience more than 85% of people with chronic plantar fascia will experience anywhere from a 50-100% improvement following one treatment.  I would then make orthotics to wear in the sport shoes to help prevent recurrence.

If you, or someone you care about suffer from Heel Spur Pain, or Plantar Fasciitis please call my Toronto podiatry office at 416 486 9917 to find out how to end the misery of plantar fasciitis.

It is too bad that the Padres will not be coming to Toronto this season to play the Blue Jays.  I would like to meet Mr. Forsythe.