Skating may cause problems with bunions


It is winter in Canada and while  many of us are outside enjoying our favourite winter sports, it is alwys important to use the right equiptment.

According to the website of the U.S. Figure Skating Association, improper or poorly fitting skating equiptment may lead to injuries to the low back, patella (kneecap), hip, groin, ankle and foot.

The most common foot problems, according to the artticle, include Bunion deformities, found in 57 percent of skaters. The navicular bone in the arch was found to be enlarged 31 percent of the time. These problems may be due to improper fit or uncorrected pronation problems.

Pump bumps at the back of the heel may be due to the heel slipping in the boot, and are found in 49 percent of skaters. Hammer toes are found in 18 percent of skaters and may also be aggravated by heel slippage. Other problems include ankle bursitis as well as skin irritation and lace bite.

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