The Fun of Fall Hiking

When the weather gets colder come autumn, it is  natural to want to stay indoors a little more.  That said, there’s still plenty do outside if you’re willing to brave a little chill.  Hiking is a great idea, especially this time of year, since the leaves are changing and that can create some fabulous views for those of us who love natural beauty.  Going out and getting into nature requires a little preparation however so here are some tips to keep in mind.

Buying the Right Footwear

Before you go hiking you’ll need the right footwear and that means choosing between shoes or boots.  Hiking shoes are great for normal city trail walking since you won’t be carrying a lot of weight, you’re not going too far, and you’re not going to be hitting trails that are too rugged.  Hiking boots are great for rougher terrain or when carrying a reasonably heavy load.  Boots might also be a good choice for beginners who need more support to prevent rolled ankles or other injuries that might occur with less developed muscles.  As always make sure that whatever you choose has good support for your foot type and doesn’t squeeze your toes or feel tight when you walk.

Finding the Right Trails

Here’s some great news for would-be hikers – Toronto is a terrific place to start.  Many parks within the city limits are large and have ample places to walk, including both pavement walkways and rougher hiking trails.  The east end in particular has some great trails including the Cedar Trail in the Rouge River Valley, the Highland Creek Trail near Old Kingston Road, and the gorgeous natural features at Bluffer’s Park.

For those who are looking for something more central the Don Valley is home to several park trails including ones at Taylor Creek Park and Cedarvale Ravine.  In fact, there are plenty of great hiking areas just south of our own clinic at Bayview and Eglinton!

If you’re looking for a great time outdoors this autumn then hiking in Toronto is a fantastic option.  If you have any foot problems you’d like to take care of before you begin you should consult with a podiatrist.  Contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto Clinic today.