Toronto foot specialist lectures on bunion surgery at international meeting in New Orleans

On Wednesday November 07, 2012, I flew to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, for the fall Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery seminar held at the Louisiana State University Medical School.

As a member of the board of trustees of the Academy Of Ambulatory Foot And Ankle Surgery, I attended the business meeting on Wednesday night.   The conference began early Thursday morning and ended Saturday afternoon.

I picked up several tips on foot surgery including the correction of contracted toes or hammer toes, removing bone spurs, treating heel pain and arch pain due to plantar fasciitis as well as treating arthritis at the first metatarsal phalangeal joint or big toe joint.

On Thursday afternoon, November 08, 2012, I had the honour of giving a lecture to my colleagues who came from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, on how to perform bunion surgery.

I explained how I treat bunions, in the office with local anesthetic.

I do this through very small openings in the skin which results in much less soft tissue trauma.  In most cases this means very little pain and swelling postoperatively for the patient.  I then use an adhesive tape dressing to help hold the foot in its corrected position. The procedure I described is the Plon-Arnold modification of the Wilson bunionectomy.  Doctors Abram Plon and Marvin Arnold are two pioneers of minimally invasive foot surgery and taught me much of what I know about the procedures.

On Saturday, November 10th, I had the opportunity to demonstrate several of the surgical procedures I use to treat bunions, hammer toes, tailors bunions or bunionettes and dropped metatarsals, in the cadaver lab at the Louisiana State University Medical School.   I also was able to pick up some tips from some of the other instructors.

In the evenings, I visited the French Quarter with some of my colleagues and listened to some New Orleans-style jazz on Bourbon Street.   I heard a very entertaining fellow named Steamboat Willie and purchased two of his CDs. I will be very happy to play them for you if you come to my Toronto foot clinic to have treatment for bunions, hammer toes,heel spur pain, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain, or any other foot problems that you may have.  Please call our podiatry office at 416-486-9917 to set up a private consultation.  I will examine your feet, take a careful history, answer your questions, and explain the ways I can help you. 

Bottom picture:I am on the left standing beside my colleagues from Spain at the L.S.U. lab.