Treating Foot Fungus with Lasers

Having fungus on your feet is not a pleasant experience.  It can be irritating and aesthetically unappealing.  Worse it has the potential to spread and cause more issues for as long as it remains untreated.  One of the more common forms of foot fungus is Athlete’s Foot which affects the skin and is treated relatively effectively by many means.  However, when fungus gets into toenails, it can be another story entirely.  Due to the difficult-to-permeate nature of nails, and the hardiness of fungus, most fungal nail therapies – including topical anti-fungal medications – are moderately effective but can have side effects.  Laser treatments do not have the side effects of the pills and can be more effective than the topical medications.

Why Lasers?

Lasers can penetrate through tissue, including hard tissue like nails, which makes them helpful for fungal nail treatment.  The laser will work at a targeted wavelength to precisely heat and destroy the fungus while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.  This will likely require multiple treatment but a large percentage of patients with fungal toenails see a significant improvement afterwards.  One of the other big benefits of laser treatment is that there is little discomfort during and after the procedure, anaesthetic is not required, and you’ll be able to walk and resume normal activities immediately following.

After Infection

After the laser treatment has done its work it’s important to not be in a positions where your nails can be infected by fungus again.  Make sure to wash and dry your feet and apply an antifungal cream.  Do this nightly and eventually you’ll be able to do it less often.  Keep your feet dry and don’t wear footwear that suffocate your feet or keep them permanently sweaty.  As for not receiving future fungal infections, don’t be barefoot in shared water like near a public pool or shower, and don’t share shoes, socks, or nail clippers with others.

A fungal nail infection can be difficult to get rid of, but there is hope for healthier toenails.  If you have a fungal nail infection you should speak to a professional podiatrist who can assist with laser treatment.  Contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. at his Toronto clinic today.