Victoria Beckham ordered to wear flat shoes to New York Fashion Week

According to an online article at Victoria Beckham was told by her doctor to avoid stiletto shoes after suffering a slipped disc following the birth of her daughter in July.

Victoria has also had to wear flat shoes when her painful bunions acted up in the past.  High heeled shoes tend to force the front of the foot into the end of the shoe, causing pressure on bunions and hammer toes.  Victoria may find that wearing low heeled shoes will delay the necessity for bunion surgery.   However, if she decides to have her bunions fixed, this Toronto podiatrist recommends minimally invasive foot surgery to fix bunions and hammertoes.  I perform this work with local anesthetic in my Toronto foot clinic.  I find that people tend to have less postoperative pain and swelling, compared to traditional surgery and in many cases can get back to their normal activities quicker.

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