Painless Injections

New technology for vitually Painless injections

What is the CompuMed System [TM]?
Compumed Wand Painless Injection Unit This is a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system featuring the Wand [R], a disposable ergonomically designed handpiece. It allows the podiatrist to give a virtually pain-free injection of local anesthetic

How does the CompuMed System work?
The CompuMed System uses a microprocessor, instead of manual pressure, to control the flow rate of the anesthetic. Less penetration force is required. Less pressure means less pain. As the unit advances, it also provides a flow of anesthetic in front of it resulting in an "anesthetic pathway". This allows for the delivery of the anesthetic below the pain threshold.

What is the Wand?
The wand is the ergonomically designed hand piece of the system. It is used once and then discarded. It is not re-used.

Who would benefit from the use of the CompuMed System?
Any adult or child who is afraid of the injection prior to a surgical procedure will appreciate the lack of discomfort with this unit.

Is there a fee associated with the CompuMed?
There is a fee when the unit is used. The fee varies with the type of procedure being performed.