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How Do You Know If Your Child Needs to See a Podiatrist?


Oftentimes, it takes a lot of effort to get sufficient information from our kids about how their legs and feet are feeling. And most of the time it is much harder to consider the proper and effective questions to ask! Keep in mind though, it is also hard for our kids to express how their legs and feet are feeling too.


To makes things a bit easier for kids and parents alike, we have come up with a couple of helpful hints to guide you into knowing if your kid needs a visit to the podiatrist:


#01. Your Child Avoids Activities That Involve Running, Standing or Walking

While your child might not be a natural-born athlete, he or she should not actively avoid walking, running or standing. If he or she does, then you should consider seeing a podiatrist. Able-bodied children are known to participate in a physical play. If your child, however, does not show interest even in light play, or he or she specifically decline it, then you might need to visit a podiatrist.


#02. Your Child Complains of Sore or Tired Legs

Leg discomfort and fatigue can result from foot misalignment, gait issues and other podiatry problems. It is important to see a podiatrist if your child experiences multiple strains or sprains, develop shin splints or cannot stand due to leg soreness.


#03. Your Child Complains of Foot Pain or Discomfort

Similarly, foot pain and discomfort can also result from flat feet, improper shoes and a number of other podiatry-related issues. If your child complains that his or her feet, toes and ankles hurt often, then you should consult Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM.


#04. Your Child Exhibits Disordered Standing or Walking Behaviours

Observe how your child walks and stands. Any motion should appear comfortable and natural. Take your child to see a podiatrist if you notice any of these behaviours:


*Knock knees or bowed legs

*Constant shifts from one foot to another when he or she is standing in place

*Flat feet

*Constant toe walking or tiptoeing

*Toes turned in when standing or walking


While it is true that your child may grow out of some of these behaviours, such as tiptoeing everywhere she or he goes, other behaviours might only become more pronounced over time. Flat feet, bowlegs, and other podiatry issues, when left untreated, can cause pain, reduced mobility and diminished flexibility.


#05. Your Child Sustains a Lower Limb or Foot Injury

Children can experience a range of injuries while growing up, from bumps and bruises to broken bones. Some injuries are serious and must have professional medical attention. If your child sustains a strain, a sprain, tendonitis, shin splints, a broken leg or foot or other lower extremity injuries, then you should consult a podiatrist.


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