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Foot Problems Depending on Age Group


There are many foot problems that can affect people from all age groups. In this blog, we talk about some of the most common foot problems that can be seen in each age group.



Congenital Malformations

One of the most common foot problems that can be seen in infants and newborns are congenital malformations. The common types of these malformations include:


-webbed toes

-disfigured toes

-missing toes

-flat or high arched feet

-excess toes

Today, however, most congenital problems of the feet can be rectified.


Walking Problems

Many children start to walk late, while some children often trip and fall when walking.



Growing Pains

Growing pains (or Sever’s Disease) involves pain in the growth plate of the heel. This is quite a common foot condition that can be treated with ultrasound and heat to resolve the poor blood supply to the growth plate.


Traumatic Injuries

Foot fractures and ankle sprains are also common in athletic children or teenagers.


Skin and Nail Problems

Plantar warts, Athlete’s Foot, lacerations, splinters, and ingrown toenails are also commonly found in teenagers. Exercise related foot concerns would include overuse injuries due to use of improper techniques while playing sports or exercising.



Overuse Injuries

Even in adults, overuse injuries can be seen. These injuries involve causing an anatomical structure such as a tendon to undergo excessive pulling or tension that results in an injury. Some of the common overuse injuries are Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsal stress fracture, Sesamoiditis, and Morton’s Neuroma.


Acquired Foot Deformities

Due to the amount of force that is placed on the feet when we stand and walk, the feet undergo structural changes that often lead to joint misalignment and muscle imbalances. The most common acquired deformities are hammertoes, bunions, and bone spurs.


Shoe Complications

Shoe complications occur when too much pressure is placed on the skin or there is wrong positioning of the foot while wearing shoes. Such foot conditions include blisters and metatarsalgia, as well as corns and calluses. Natural wear and tear foot complications occur when the joints in the body become worn and painful.


Systemic Foot Complications

These complications happen when the body is not functioning properly, resulting in a foot complication. Common systemic diseases that cause foot problems include gout, skin allergies, and diabetes, among others.


Exercise Related Problems

The muscles need to be able to flex through the full range of motion. Because of this, many injuries are due to a lack of warm-up or caused by an inappropriate technique while playing sports. The most common exercise related problems are Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and peroneal tendonitis.


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