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Top Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist


Do you ever wonder what sort of questions you should be asking on your next podiatry appointment? Let us tell you now that you are not alone! Most people come to their podiatry appointment with questions and concerns, but when they go home, they will come home and realize that there are other concerns that they forgot to ask their podiatrist! Again, this is completely normal.


This is why we have gathered some tips on what you can ask at your next appointment with our podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM that might help stimulate a productive and valuable conversation about your foot health. Check them out here:


“Do I have flat feet?”

This is a great question to start out with for various reasons. Flat feet are not just common, but due to their commonality, they often go unnoticed. Because of this, someone might have unnecessary discomfort that he or she deals with on a daily basis. It can be a bit difficult to tell if your feet are flat, but asking Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM is the first step to finding out if they are, or whether you are at risk of developing flat feet and what it might mean for your foot health.


“Are my shoes appropriate for me?”

Just like with flat feet, the wearing of improper shoes can cause unnecessary discomfort for your feet every day and you might not even realize that the discomfort is related to your choice in footwear. Like most people, you might have gone for a cheaper pair of shoes to wear to the gym, but you have to consider what you actually do at the gym. Since you work out at the gym, your feet experience more activity than usual. The discomfort you may feel afterwards might not be normal and it might also be attributed to the kind of shoes that you wear.


“How can I improve my foot ’s health?”

This is, by far, a favorite question amongst podiatrists. Just like how the infamous saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” asking good questions to your podiatrist during your appointment can also keep your foot discomfort at bay! Who wouldn’t want that, right? By asking this particular question, your podiatrist will be able to tell you their thoughts that are custom-fit just for you. They know your foot history, and combining their education and training in podiatry, they will be able to give you the best possible advice that can help you keep your feet healthy and happy!


Here at Bayview Medical Center, we are all ears! Ask away at your next appointment. Setup an appointment with our podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM today!


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