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Healthy Habits You Must Develop This Year for Your Feet


If you do not know this by now, our feet are  two of the most important parts of the body. With that said, they need constant care and dedication. When you have healthy feet, you also have greater endurance for daily tasks, as well as better response to daily agitation and greater comfort.


This is why, considering the importance of balance and  recognizing the value of each part of our body, we need to adopt simple methods that will give our lives a new perspective. What better way to start than from the base: our feet!


Protect yourself from cold and heat.

  It is not a great idea to walk barefoot (pools, spas, saunas, or even your home). Likewise, if your feet get cold at night, it is best to wear socks. Do not use electric blankets or hot water bags to warm your feet, and do not use ice to cool them.


Wash your feet daily.

In order for your feet to stay healthy and at a natural temperature, it is best to wash them on a daily basis with warm water and a gentle soap. When you do wash your feet, try not take longer than 10 minutes. Once done, dry your feet thoroughly.



You should prevent your feet from getting to dry or too moist – make sure to moisturise  them accordingly. You should always have your skin moisturised sufficiently. It is best to use natural moisturising cream .


Mind your toenails.

Sometimes, it is best to file your nails rather than cut them. This can be done weekly, or if necessary, as frequently as  necessary. Dedicate time to just look your nails over to detect any change in time – be it in colour or texture, and to find any rough spots.


Choose the right footwear.

It is always best to use appropriate shoes both at home and when you go out. If you have new shoes, it is best to not use them a lot on the first few weeks. You should use new shoes gradually. What’s important is that you feel comfortable with the shoes you wear – they should not be too tight nor too loose.


Look after your feet.

You must look after your  foot daily – no excuses! If you think you need someone else’s help. When you are looking at your feet, you should focus primarily on any cuts, wounds, hard spots, blisters, scrapes, or swollen or reddish areas. If you have any of these, you may consult Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM and he will give you the best solutions to make your feet  healthy again. 

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