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How to Prevent Swollen Feet During Air Travel


When you fly, you are confined in a tiny seat in an enclosed area with very little room to move. This could result in you having swollen feet. To avoid having swollen feet when you   travel by air, it is crucial that you move around to get your blood flowing.

You see, when you are seated, the muscles that help pump fluid from your legs are inactive, resulting to blood pooling in your feet, eventually leading to swelling.

Additionally, the low pressure in the cabin, as well as the dry air in the airplane, could inhibit blood circulation and cause swollen feet. But even worse than swollen feet, poor blood circulation can cause dangerous blood clots in the legs. When these travel to the lungs, they can cause serious health complications.

That is why when you travel, it is important that you make sure you get your blood flowing. Here are some helpful tips for you:

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking plenty of water the day before and on the day of your trip can make sure that you don’t get dehydrated. You should also have a bottle of water with you on the plane, and have it refilled during your trip to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water also mean you would have to go and walk to the bathroom, thus, keeping your legs active.

Watch What You Eat

 As you would prepare for your flight by drinking lots of water, you should also avoid salt, starting on the day before you travel. Salt causes fluid retention which can actually make your feet swell more.

Walk Around During the Flight

We know you’d rather just sleep, but getting up a few times to just pace up and down the aisle can make sure that your blood is flowing, preventing swelling in your legs and feet. This is especially important if your flight lasts more than two hours.

Keep Your Bags Overhead

Your feet should not be fighting for space with your bags because that would only have your legs and feet cramped into positions that could cut off the blood supply.

Move Your Feet

Even when you’re not able to get up to walk, you can still do some exercises. Simply rotate your feet clockwise and counter-clockwise, point your toes up and down, and just wiggle them a bit. Even the littlest movements can help get your blood flowing again.

You should always be ready for the stress of a long plane ride and not allow yourself to just sleep it off, especially if don’t want to get off the plane with swollen feet. Like always, exercise is key! 

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