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Give More Love to Your Feet


You should not be surprised when foot problems quickly lead to discomfort or when they affect the way you walk. Our feet take the weight of our whole body – knee, hip and back pains do develop. A research from The College of Podiatry shows that 9 in 10 of people experience foot problems, and 1 in 5 admit to suffer from foot pain often.


What does this research tell us? A huge amount of people put up with sore, aching and painful feet. It is important, however, to know that our feet should not hurt on a daily basis. If you are experiencing discomfort then it is usually because you are not wearing the right shoes. When you are suffering from any foot problem, it is best to seek professional advice immediately.


Here are some tips you can follow to keep your feet in great condition:



It is imperative for you to keep your feet clean by washing them every day in warm, soapy water. However, do not soak them as doing so might destroy your skin’s natural oils. After washing them, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly – especially the area between the toes. This is where fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, usually develop.



If you feel like your skin is dry or flaky, then you can apply moisturising cream all over your foot, but avoid the areas between the toes. A foot file or a pumice stone might be used to remove hard skin and calluses but this must be done gently. To be on the safe side, consult Sheldon Nadal, DPM first before doing anything to your calluses. When you overdo removing hard skin, the tendency is for the skin to grow back but harder than ever.



Cutting toenails should be done carefully. Your toenails should be trimmed regularly with the use of nail clippers. Cut straight across and never at an angle or down the edges as that might cause ingrown toenails.



Shop for the right shoes and do so at the right time: the afternoon. Your feet are at its biggest during this time so you can be assured that they will always fit comfortably.



In order for you to keep your feet fresh, you must change your socks on a daily basis. Remember, dirty socks can cause smelly feet.



Choose the right shoes. If you have to wear heels at work, wear comfortable pairs to and from the office and change into your smart shoes once you get to the office. You can also try to vary the heel height (low, medium, and high).


No matter what you do, always wear the right shoes for the job. 

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