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Take Better Care of Your Feet


Admit it – the only time you think about your feet is when they start hurting. If you prioritize them on a daily basis: congratulations. For some of us, however, who tend to overlook the health of our feet, you might want to pay more attention. With about 26 bones and a complex framework of ligaments, muscles and tendons, our feet absorb our full body weight with every step, keeping us upright and balanced in the process.


There are numerous problems that can afflict our feet – foot odour, fallen arches, cracked skin, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, calluses and corns, to name a few. Damaged bones in the feet can also cause pain and discomfort with reduced mobility. All of these foot problems tend to worsen as we age so if foot care does not seem important now to you, it should be.


The best way to keep our feet healthy is by following a simple regimen of daily care that helps keep the bones, muscles and skin of our feet functioning properly. Here are some foot care steps you can do on a daily basis:


Wash your feet on a daily basis.

Even the cleanest person among us sometimes skips washing his or her feet in the shower occasionally as it can be a pain. Imagine how our feet spend most days trapped inside closed footwear. All the moisture and sweat creates fertile ground for bacteria to thrive, and the spaces between our toes are even more hospitable for fungal and bacterial growth. When you do not wash your feet, you are letting that stuff grow from day to day. This leads to unpleasant foot odour and eventually, to fungal infections and other skin problems. Make sure that after washing, dry your feet and the areas between the toes thoroughly before wearing any socks or footwear.


Moisturize your feet every day.

Moisturizing our feet might seem to contradict everything we have told you about keeping your feet dry. Why should you add extra moisture, you ask? The wear and tear that our feet endure every day can result in areas of dry, cracked or scaly skin. The cure is simple – rub a moisturizing lotion into the skin of your feet on a daily basis. It is best to skip the area between the toes.


Wear comfortable shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoes can affect several aspects of foot health. Tight-fitting shoes can cause corns, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and general foot pain. Overly large shoes, on the other hand, prevent our heel from settling in the proper place as you walk. This causes blisters, sore heels, and calluses. Your feet stretch out later during the day, so when you do go shopping for shoes, it is best to do so after work – when your feet are at their largest. You might also gain a half size as you age, so your usual size from 10 years ago might not be the correct one today. 

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