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Keeping Feet Safe This Winter


During spring and summer, we’re generally more active. As the temperature drops this winter, however, we tend to hide our feet inside thick socks and boots. Did you know that if you do not care for your feet and ankles during the colder months, it can lead to foot and ankle problems? Every year, people can suffer from cracked dry skin, chilblains, calluses, sprains, frostbite and broken bones during winter.


Here are some tips that can help you avoid foot and ankle problems this winter:



Whether you are planning to go shopping, your kids are playing in the snow or if you are working outdoors, it is important that we invest in the proper shoes. Choose shoes that are:


  • Waterproof. If you have cold and wet feet, you are susceptible to a number of painful cold-injury problems. It is best to have waterproof shoes or boots to ensure that your feet stay dryer. If your boots are insulated, they will keep your feet warmer, too.
  • Room for Socks. It doesn’t matter if you have insulated socks or not, but you need thicker ones to help keep your feet warm so make sure that there’s enough room for socks in your boots. If you wear shoes that are too snug, it can cause blisters as well as excessive sweating. Too tight, on the other hand, can cause poor support which can increase your chances of having twisted or broken ankles.
  • Adequate Grip. When it comes to avoiding slips and falls, traction is everything. Make sure that the sole of your shoes or boots provides the grip you need for the terrain you walk on.


Having warm, fuzzy socks on cold feet is probably one of the best feelings in the world. When your feet are cold, your body will be cold, too – your head and feet are the two biggest outlets of body heat. If you keep them warm and cozy, the rest of your body will feel the same.

  • All Natural. Socks that are 100% natural fiber (cotton and wool) are the best ones. If your feet are cold and sweaty, you must put on a thin synthetic sock to absorb moisture and a thick natural fiber sock on over for warmth.



Treat your feet how you would during summer by keeping them warm and pampering them. Our feet tend to dry out in the winter and having cracked skin is painful.


No matter how good the traction or the fit of your shoes is, one false step can make you break or sprain your ankle. Always take caution when walking or doing anything for that matter, especially during winter.



We tend to sit more when it is cold but that just makes us colder. When you are feeling cold, find reasons to get up from your desk or couch and on your feet. Increase in your blood flow helps in keeping you warmer and it also improves proper circulation in your feet.


Stay warm and safe, everyone!

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