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You don't need to Suffer in Silence with Arch Pain

If you're unfortunate to be in a job that requires a lot of standing or walking on hard surfaces, you will probably be familiar with arch pain. That dull, non-specific ache you feel in the arches of your feet at the end of the day that makes you want to just kick off your shoes and put your feet up may be something you can no longer put up with. Kicking your shoes off and putting your feet up will certainly help. So will taking anti-inflammatory medication or rolling your feet over frozen water bottles, but is that enough?

Find out why you have this pain

The 26 bones in each foot are held together with ligaments and your arches are supported by muscles attached to the bones by tendons so there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

If you want to know what's wrong and to find a longer-lasting solution, it may be time to visit a professional like Toronto-based podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, D.P.M. He will determine what the underlying cause of your pain is.

Perhaps you have injured the soft tissues in your feet by doing a specific activity: Digging in the garden or climbing ladders are common causes. Maybe your shoes lack support or you have gained weight. If your pain is more acute and located in a specific area towards the heel, it may be you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or a heel spur.

Treat the cause and resolve your arch pain

Once the cause is determined, your podiatrist will put together a long-range, treatment plan to manage your pain. This may include exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the arch, or you may need custom-made orthotics to support your arches or correct an underlying structural problem. In some cases, your podiatrist may suggest laser pain therapy or surgery.

Whatever the cause, you don't need to suffer in silence; with expert care, you can be pain free.






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