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Care Needed After an Ingrown Surgery

When your ingrown toenail starts to ooze with pus and begins to cause severe pain, you may be advised to have part of your nail removed. This minor surgery will relieve  the majority of the pain, although,   your toe will  may be tender until it completely heals. Post-op care is important to heal your toe faster and minimize the chances of having another ingrown toenail.


Here are some instructions for ingrown toenail surgery aftercare:


  1.  Reduce your walking and standing on the day after your surgery.  If walking can’t be helped, do wear a surgical shoe or at least an open-toed footwear or sandal that will not squeeze or put any pressure on your toe.
  2. It is to be expected that your toe would still be numb up to about two to 24 hours after the procedure.   most patients can start wearing a closed shoe  within the first week.
  3. Do not be alarmed by a little bleeding and some yellow or clear drainage that may come from the toe as this is caused by the chemical used during surgery.
  4. To alleviate swelling, you can try to elevate your foot. This will also help keep bleeding and discomfort to a minimum. Over the counter pain relievers may also be taken for relief.
  5. You can take the dressing off usually  1-2 days after the surgery.  
  6. If you are dressing your toe traditionally, you would have to soak your foot in warm water with Povidone Iodine or   salt  twice a day. Dry the toe and apply the ointment prescribed by your doctor and cover it with a 2x2 gauze that is secured by a band aid.
  7. You can skip the dressing at bedtime during the second week if your toe is improving.
  8. To avoid infections, make sure you take  any antibiotic pills, if prescribed, until finished.

You should never ignore the pain caused by an ingrown toenails lest it worsens and require surgery. Remember to care for your feet and toes regularly and to trim your nails properly to help avoid having ingrown nails.



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