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Are You Wearing the Right Shoes?

It is very tempting for most people to wear a pair of shoes that are aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. However, no matter how beautiful a shoe is, it does not mean that it is the best choice either for proper foot function or even your overall health. You read it right. Comfortable and healthy feet are factors to your overall   well being.


The consequences of choosing ill-fitting shoes can both be painful and debilitating. It may lead to a number of disorders that may include calluses, bunions, blisters, hammertoes, and circulation problems, among others.


Furthermore, it can also lead to some changes in your skeletal system as well as structure of the muscle that is supported. It can also affect posture and manner of walking. Aching feet can bring pain to your ankles, knees, hips, and even your lower back.


Thankfully, today’s population  is more aware of these facts and prioritize comfort over their aesthetic requirements. This results  in  better footwear options available in the market today. Now, you  can find a wide variety of fashionable and comfortable shoes.  Many of them are also designed to help improve specific foot conditions.


Remember that shoe sizes vary depending on the style and brand. To make sure you get the right size, it is best to ensure a good fit first before buying. It is also necessary to measure your feet regularly as they change as you age. Shoes should generally be as wide as your feet and a bit longer. In length, there should be an excess space of about 3/8” to 1/2” beyond your longest toe.


When buying a new pair of shoes, it is best to do it later in the day to  allow for the fact that your feet  swell throughout the day. Bring  the socks that you will probably wear with those shoes. Check for comfort by walking around a bit before actually purchasing them.


You must also remember to alternate footwear on a daily basis. Wearing the same pair everyday can result to  in onset of some foot problems. Have at least a minimum of two pairs of shoes to interchange. Ensure that your chosen footwear is also appropriate for your specific activity for that day.


Remember that shoes are not meant only to complete or complement your outfit. More than that, your shoes are your feet’s primary protection. They should also be your partner in making sure that every step you take is safe and comfortable. Are you wearing the right shoes?


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