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Common Sports Injuries

Sports usually mean strenuous activities, and while everyone knows sports are great for your overall health, no one can deny that athletes are also prone to injuries, especially concerning their feet, ankles, and lower legs. These injuries are not only painful but may also prove difficult to diagnose or treat.


As podiatrists, we can address even the most complicated injuries that are sport-related. we also know that the best way to avoid these injuries is to know about them so you can be more careful and stay away from what could possibly cause them.


Here are some of the common ones that you have to know about:


Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS)

This is a condition than may occur when there are repetitive activities. This is usually encountered by runners, basketball and soccer players, skiers, and other athletes. It is characterized by pain that is relieved easily by resting.


Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

This common injury, which we also refer to as medial tibial stress syndrome is common among runners. Symptoms include pain in the part of the leg between the ankle and the knee. This is often caused by trauma to the muscle tissue around the shinbone. If ignored, this may progress to a more serious injury which is the fracture.


Stress Fracture

This overuse injury is quite hard to diagnose because of the generalized pain in the lower leg muscles that is often mistaken and misdiagnosed as shin splints. Stress fracture progresses slowly over time as the muscle trauma is repeated. What happens is that the muscles, due to over fatigue or overloading, can no longer absorb the shock or stress of repeated impacts. stress may transfer to a nearby bone, causing a small crack in that bone.



This condition occurs when the periosteum is inflamed. The periosteum is a layer of tissue that surrounds the bone. Periostitis is chronic and should not be mistaken as stress fracture or shin splints. It is characterized by swelling and tenderness of the bone which is accompanied by a deep, aching pain. It can be reversed by  correcting running mechanics, wearing proper shoes, and more.


Muscle Cramps

This is a sudden and involuntary muscle contraction that is excruciatingly painful. While it is often harmless, cramps will make the affected area impossible to use. Causes include long periods of strenuous exercise and hot weather.


Plantaris Tear

Tennis leg is another common name for this injury. It is usually a result of excessive load or pressure on the ankle while the knee is also extended. It is therefore common when one is jumping or running.


These are only some of the most common sports injuries that athletes experience. If you are an athlete or a sports enthusiast and you think you are experiencing symptoms related to these injuries, have your podiatrist check it to make sure you get the proper treatment for it.


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