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With Great Feet Come Great Walking Responsibilities

Do you know how many steps you have already taken in your life? Studies say that on average, a person walks about 5, 117 steps in a day. Multiply that by 365 and then again, by your current age and you’ll get the answer. Yes. You have walked that many steps. Of course if you also exercise by walking, you should add roughly 2,000 steps per mile to that total. Overwhelming, right?


With those numbers, is it still a wonder that foot problems seem to be a part of everyone’s life? These numbers also signify the importance of responsibly maintaining great foot health - that is, if you want to keep walking for the rest of your life.


Because they are your own feet, and you are the one they will take to great places, you should also be the one to remember to care for them. Here are some simple ways to do exactly that:


Be aware  of the overall health of your feet. This will take more than a quick glance at your feet or a minute or two of soaping them. You can ask your podiatrist how to do it thoroughly. It is possible that you will be asked to look for any signs of irritation such as spots, calluses, or blisters, as well as swelling on some parts of your feet. You may also be instructed to check for any changes in your foot’s shape, toenail discolouration, and toe angles. If there are any changes, report it immediately to your podiatrist.



Exercise properly. You cannot imagine the number of foot problems we deal with on a daily basis just because people sometimes get too excited or too careless when exercising. Moving your feet daily is of course, something that you should do to help maintain normal motion range. It will also help you be aware of any mobility limitation or pain. If you have suffered an injury or a certain condition that may affect or be affected by exercises, it is best to consult your podiatrist about what types of exercise are fitting to your situation. Some exercises may not be applicable for you.


Try controlling your weight. Some patients ask how their weight is related to their feet. The answer is simple. Extra weight means extra strain on your joints, ankles, and feet. If you want to maintain good foot health, you should also take steps to lose those pounds.  

Have a good foot doctor! It will be very beneficial to work with a podiatrist who is familiar not only with general foot issues but also  with your particular foot issues. You would realize that finding and having a great podiatrist can help solve long-standing foot problems as well as prevent any future injuries.


You owe a lot to your feet. If you expect them to keep performing the way they always do, you should then learn to take responsibility for their form and health.  Setup an appointment with Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM today!

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