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Foot Blisters: How Athletes Can Prevent Them


According to research, over 5.2 million people suffer from blisters every year. Foot blisters are also known to be one of the most common injuries for athletes. Aside from being painful, blisters can also alter an athlete’s running form which might lead to even more serious injuries of the hip and leg due to irregular gait biomechanics.


Blisters should not be ignored, covered temporarily, or forgotten for another day as they can get infected and lead to more serious problems. The most important thing now is to prevent blisters before they start. Here are some tips on how that can be done:


Choose your socks wisely.

The right socks are extremely important when it comes to preventing blisters. Socks provide the extra support our feet needs. They also minimize the friction that leads to nasty blisters and they also keep moisture away. Cotton socks are not the best option because they soak up sweat and moisture which can cause blisters. Nylon socks, on the other hand, allow more breathability and less moisture build-up on the feet. Some runners also prefer wearing wicking socks – a wool blend type that pulls moisture away from the feet.


Two just might do the trick!

If one pair of socks is not proving to be efficient, you can always try wearing two. If you do this, any friction can happen between the two pairs of socks, instead of just one pair and your own skin.


Tapes and bandages help.

Some spots on the feet are notorious for blisters. You should try using soft but secure bandages at these problematic areas before throwing on your socks and hitting the pavement.


Powders and creams prevent friction.

Before going out there, simply pour foot powder into socks to create a frictionless surface on the foot. Vaseline is also known to help keep friction to a minimum.


Well-fitting shoes are of the essence.

The best way to prevent blisters from occurring is to make sure that you are wearing the proper training shoes. Athletes should visit a specialty running store to ensure that they are wearing the best footwear for their sport. A running specialist may perform a gait analysis if blisters persist despite creams, bandages and other means of prevention.


Blisters can heal themselves on their own. There are many ways to treat blisters, but there are also many ways to prevent them from occurring. Do not get discouraged if one pops up early on in your career athletic career. Address the problem; find a preventative method that works best for you and get back when the skin is healed and free from pain.


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