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Diabetic Foot Care: Know What to Do


If you have diabetes, infections, circulation problems and nerve damage can lead to more complex foot problems. In order for you to prevent this from happening, you should take necessary precautions to keep your feet healthy.


One way to keep your feet healthy is to manage your diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should include regular exercise, regular medical exams (including foot checks), monitoring your blood sugar daily, as well as eating a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits. For a healthy foot care regimen, here are some great habits you can add to your daily routine:


Inspect your feet daily.

It is your responsibility to check your feet and toes – including the tops, sides, heels, soles, and the area in-between the toes. If you cannot do it on your own, use a mirror or you can ask someone to help you out. If you discover any redness, sores, blisters, cuts or bruises, contact your doctor immediately.


Wash and dry your feet thoroughly.

Wash your feet with warm water and mild soap daily. Hot water and strong soaps can damage your skin. It is best to check the water temperature with your fingers or elbows before putting your feet in. Diabetes might make it difficult for some people to sense water temperature with their feet. When drying your feet, make sure to pat them dry. Infections usually develop in moist areas, so it’s important to dry the area between the toes.


Moisturize your skin, especially dry skin.

If the skin on your feet feels dry or rough, you may use lotion or oil to keep it moisturized, but do not use lotion between your toes. Do not use antiseptic solutions as these can burn the skin. If you have to use some, make sure your doctor gives you an approval first.


Adhere to strict practices.

Avoid walking barefoot – either at the beach or even at home. Walking barefoot can cause injuries or sores that lead to infections. Never remove corns, warts, calluses and other foot lesions by yourself. See Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM should you have any of these foot conditions. It’s also best to not sit with your legs crossed or stand in the same position for prolonged periods of time.


Take care of your toenails.

People with diabetes can perform routine toenail care, but for those who have nerve problems, visual difficulties and circulatory changes in the legs and feet should consult a professional for their toenail care. Improper toenail care leads to ulcers or foot sores.


If you have diabetes and would want to know more about the proper way to take care of your feet, consult Sheldon H. Nadal, DPM. He will help you take care of your feet the right way. 

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