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Run With Confidence: Keeping Your Feet Safe When Running

Running is a great way to lose weight, stay fit, and improve your overall health! However, in order for you to keep on running, you must take care of the most important part – your feet. Some people use their feet too much but are not taking care of them properly. Here are some reminders on how you can keep your feet safe even when running:


Right Pair of Shoes

In order to keep your feet happy, you have to find the pair of shoes that’s just the right fit. Nowadays, it’s easy to find less expensive shoes online, but take note that there is no substitute for shoes that were fitted properly. If you are new to running, it might take you several tries before you find the pair that would let you run comfortably.


Right Pair of Socks

Running makes our whole body sweat and this includes our feet. Make sure that you get the right type of socks – those that let your feet breathe. What you would want to get is something made of lightweight and water-resistant materials. These materials keep blisters from developing and odours from staying.



The right socks and shoes play a major role in avoiding this. Blisters, however, are inevitable especially when you have been running long enough. These can be excruciating at times. The important thing is to not pop the blister as that might only lead to infection. If, by accident, your blister pops, apply an antiseptic ointment immediately and bandage it properly. Don’t remove the skin as that helps in protecting the new skin underneath.


Massage, Ice Application, Rest

Having your feet massaged – especially the heel and ball – helps in reducing the tenderness after running. The legs should be massaged, too, as they get strain and stretch during a run. Ice baths also give amazing relief to sore feet. Another way to show your feet some love after a run is by elevating them shortly after your run.


Short Toenails

Short toenails not only prevent fungus from developing beneath your nail beds, they also prolong the life of your socks. Long toenails might poke holes in your socks and when this happens your toes would be vulnerable to blisters and bruises. This might cause you to alter your stride and that might only lead to further injuries. 

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