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Dealing With Tailor's Bunion

A bunion and Tailor’s bunion (bunionette) are two different things. Despite their similarity in symptoms, the major difference lies in the location of the pain. When it comes to bunions, the pain is felt at the bump on the great toe. With bunionettes, however, the pain is felt at the bump near the baby toe. Tailor’s bunions are less common than the regular ones. Historically, Tailor’s bunion got its name because tailors who sat cross-legged on hard surfaces for longer periods of time got plagued with this condition. The excessive pressure and incessant rubbing forms a painful bump at the base of the small toe.


Here are some ways on how to rid yourself of bunionettes:


Apply ice on the affected area.

After a long day’s work, your bunionettes and feet may be aching and swollen. Ease the pain by putting an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables on it. Ice not only helps soothe the pain but it also reduces inflammation. Make sure that you have thoroughly washed your feet before placing the ice pack. For quicker relief, wrap the ice pack around a towel beforehand. Do this at the end of the day to ease the soreness and tension. Do not leave the ice on your foot for more than a few minutes.


Invest on proper footwear.

Wearing the wrong type of footwear will only worsen the bumps. It is better to throw your old pairs if they do nbot fit properly, and get more comfortable ones. You should be availing footwear with a wide toe space. For ladies who love to wear high-heels, you have to avoid doing so for the meantime. The same goes to those who enjoy wearing pointed shoes. If you can’t wear flats, go for footwear with heels not more than two inches.

Use an in-shoe toe spacer and foot paddings.

Toe spacers, meant to place your fifth toe in the right orientation by pushing it away from your fourth toe, are designed to be worn in your shoes. Foot padding, on the other hand, helps in lessening the pain because they help bring your toe back to its proper orientation. You may ask a podiatrist for these options. 

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