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Staying Safe When Walking in Winter

Winter season is here but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up inside the house for months. Just because there’s snow doesn’t’ mean you can’t stay active. Walking is the simplest way to keep your circulation flowing, and it improves mobility and balance. It also prevents osteoporosis!

However, winter walking is not the same as summer or spring walking. You have to keep in mind that there are more risks when walking on the snow.

Warm Up

Since it is colder than most days, walking during winter requires easing up to it. You have to make sure you’re warm enough before straying far from your house. Some people are not that good with embracing the cold weather.

Walk at a moderate pace.

Since the ground is slippery, it is best to keep a moderate, if not slow, pace. Keep in mind, too, that winter roads and paths are usually icy. If you walk with bigger strides, you are also increasing the risk for falling.

Wear at least three layers of clothing.

When walking during wintertime, it is best to wear more clothing than have less. You can always peel off extra layers if it gets hot, but it will be a problem if you are in need of more clothes for warmth.

Wear gloves.

If it’s snowing, better bring your ski gloves with you. A hat or a muff also helps in keeping warm. If your ears, hands and head get too cold despite your clothing, get inside and keep warm.

Protect your eyes.

It’s best to wear sunglasses when walking during winter. If it’s snowing, opt for goggles with light-coloured lenses. This is to protect your eyes from snow glare.

Wear studded outdoor walking shoes.

Heavy boots that are designed for climbing is not the best choice for walking on the snow. If you want to wear hiking boots, go for the lightweight ones. Studded outdoor walking shoes give you extra traction when walking on slippery surfaces.

Avoid layering your socks.

Most people think that layering socks does the trick of keeping the feet warm. What people usually get with layered socks are blisters. There are thin socks designed to keep the feet warm – go for those, instead.

Safety comes first.

Avoid walking in places with low-visibility and bad road conditions. You don’t want to go to the trouble of dealing with the traffic. It’s better to go to parks, high school tracks, residential streets, and bike paths – places with very few cars. Always wear reflective gear, too. The mall is also a good location to walk. 

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