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Smelly Feet – Stomping Odour for Good

We’ve all had our unfortunate share of having to be in the same room with someone who has smelly feet. It could be a sibling, a colleague, or the passenger sitting next to you on an 8-hour flight. YOU might even be having this very problem for yourself. Stinky feet, medically termed as eccrine bromhidrosis, can happen to anyone. However, pregnant women, the elderly, teens and people with heart disease and diabetes are more prone to this condition. It is essentially caused by perspiration.

Our feet have nearly half a million sweat glands, causing our feet to swear more than the other parts of our body. When we wear socks and shoes, the sweat naturally gets trapped inside. Bacteria and fungus are known to thrive in warm, moist environment, and can produce a foul odour.

Getting rid of the smell once and for all involves your feet, socks and shoes.



Soak in saltwater.

Salt pulls moisture out of your skin, reducing the amount of bacteria that can survive. The ideal way for this is to soak your feet for 20 minutes in a tub or large bowl of warm water mixed with salt. Do this every day for 2 weeks.

Soak in vinegar.

If you are dead serious about not wanting any bacteria to thrive in your feet, use vinegar. Vinegar has a drying effect, making your feet an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water in a tub or a large bowl. Soak your feet for 30 minutes every day for one 1 week.



Select the right socks.

The materials used for your socks make such differences. Nylon can trap moisture around your feet, while cotton lets your feet breathe. If you are the type of person who tends to sweat more than usual, it is a best thing for you to bring a pair of extra socks and change after 6 hours or so.

Powder it up.

No need for fancy or expensive deodorizing powders or spray. Use cornstarch and sprinkle some on the interiors of your footwear for the moisture to be absorbed. There’s no need to wait for a couple of hours or day. Once you’ve sprinkled some cornstarch, then your shoes are ready to use!

Spray ‘em.

If your favourite shoes have already taken in the stink, no need to grieve about throwing them away. You can use disinfectant sprays to kill the bacteria that causes the foul smell. Spray the entire interior of your shoes with the sanitizing cleaning product, and then spray your clean socks next. Leave the socks inside the shoes and let it stay overnight. 

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