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Footwear Trends for 2016

Are you into attractive footwear or do you opt for comfortable ones? If you’d like to enjoy both beauty and comfort of different footwear, know what designs are in this year. It’s better to be ready for all seasons while remaining stylish and trendy!



Ankle boots

These boots are definitely made for walking – while keeping your feet warm and comfortable! The cut for these boots is high enough to endure the snow and keep the feet warm. A lot of stylish designs are scheduled to come out this year. 



Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are known to be more comfortable than the thin ones. Most footwear for 2016 seems to come in chunkier heels. The bigger your heels are, the more stable they are, too. These kinds of heels are often seen in shoes such as mules. 



Latex Shoes and Boots

Latex is a very practical material to use especially for footwear, as it stretches out and encapsulates the leg. It is also easy to maintain as it does not require much work when it comes to cleaning and storing. Latex also depicts a futuristic look that just never goes out of style. 



Low-Heeled Shoes

High heels will never go out of style, but lately, a number of shoe designers are coming up with chic shoe designs that come with pretty short and almost flat heels. These shoes have a small amount of heels, but they are definitely thick and sturdy – simply comfortable. 



Suede Shoes

Leather is the sturdiest material to use if you are after long-lasting footwear. However, suede is slowly starting to be noticed and used by famous designers. Suede is one of the best materials to use when considering new footwear. It also looks good when mixed with actual leather. 




Pointed-Toe Shoes

If you want to be kept looking sophisticated during spring and summer, wearing pointed-toe shoes will definitely help! Wearing this type of footwear automatically creates a confident vibe to whoever is wearing it. 


Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator-inspired footwear isn’t only meant for arenas and Roman warriors. Having a pair that perfectly fits your feet is enough to last you for more than a day walking around without feeling uncomfortable. Gladiator sandals are very easy to wear and it’s casual but at the same time, elegant. 



White Shoes

No matter what the season is, white shoes are always in! The great thing about white footwear is that you can never go wrong with it. It always gives you that sophisticated and classy look for all occasions! During spring and summer, white shoes are sure to keep you looking fresh. 




Sneakers are the most comfortable choice of footwear for all seasons, but most especially during spring or summer. This type of footwear is designed for physical activities. It gives you great comfort and it comes in different designs that are sure to keep you updated with today’s trends. 

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