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What Socks are Best for Your Feet?

Just like shoes, socks are important in a person’s daily life. A normal person might think that socks only vary in length, size and color, but there’s more to consider than just those things. Choosing the right kind of socks is important because socks provide comfort, protection, and warmth to our feet. It’s not that confusing to choose from a variety of socks but here are just some things to consider before buying.


Different activities require different footwear, and of course, different socks! When you have the right type of socks for each activity, then you are sure to have a comfortable feel all throughout the entire activity. For example, wearing mountaineering socks when you are going for a run would only result to an uncomfortable run and sweaty feet!



Choosing the right socks also depend on the type of footwear you are going to use. Running shoes are often designed with a sock-like slender fit for sensitivity and precision so these shoes require well-fitting socks that cushion the key areas of the feet. Other shoes such as mountaineering boots are designed to accommodate thicker socks for extra protection and insulation.



The thickness of a sock is important with regards to the fit of footwear. Thick socks usually change the volume of your foot and the tendency is for your footwear to feel uncomfortably tight. This should be avoided.



The fabric composition of socks does a lot to the comfort that socks provide. The great options for socks if you are after dryness would be synthetic fabrics and natural merino wool. These fabrics keep moisture away from the feet and dry quickly as compared to other fabrics. They are also softer against the skin. Cotton socks are also a popular choice but aren’t appropriate for strenuous activities.



Wearing one or two pairs of socks is solely up to your preference. People who are more prone to blisters might opt to wear two pairs instead of just the usual one pair. Different types of socks such as a liner pair and a thicker pair should be used to reduce the friction and lift moisture away from the skin.



Waterproof socks are more ideal for use in non-waterproof footwear and worn in wet conditions. These socks usually have Merino wool liners that provide great comfort and warmth, as well as a hydrophilic membrane that’s great at keeping feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. 

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