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Ending Bunion Pain

A bunion – a bony hump that can grow at the base of the big toe – can cause serious pain and can often lead to other painful foot issues.  As a result it’s important to understand how bunions are formed, how to prevent bunions from occurring on your own feet, and what action can be taken to alleviate the pain they cause.


Bunions appear when the big toe is pushed towards the other toes which forces the bone right behind it – the first metatarsal – to push outward.  While this issue is sometimes hereditary, it can also be caused by a poor foot structure or as a complication from arthritis.  Generally however it is hereditary and can be aggrevated  by ill-fitting and usually pointed and high-heeled shoes pushing the foot into unnatural shape.  Over years this will create bunions.


 The chances of getting bunions can be reduced by wearing properly fitting shoes that are neither too loose nor too tight and fit the shape of your foot naturally.  Any footwear that puts pressure on your big toe or attempts to wedge your toes together could eventually cause bunions.  Even for those that may be naturally susceptible to bunions wearing proper shoes is the best way to stave off their emergence.


The key to relief of bunion pain is to relieve the pressure on the toe joint.  This can be done with a gel-filled pad or by using shoe inserts that can adjust the foot in a way that less pressure is applied.  Warm foot soaks, ice packs, and massage can offer temporary relief and of course wide and properly fitting footwear are a good way to ensure you don’t exacerbate the problem.

You may need to consult with podiatrist to see permanent results however.  Occasionally there may be non-surgical methods available like a splint you can wear at night but often surgery is the way to go to easy your bunion pain.  The right surgery will put your big toe into its correct position, thus removing the bump and putting your ligaments and tendon back in the right places. This can be done in an office using the minimally invasive bunion surgery,

Bunions are a painful problem but they don’t need to be.  If you’re looking for an experienced podiatrist who is a specialist in minimally invasive bunion surgery you should contact the Toronto podiatry clinic of Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. today.

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