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Fixing Peeling Skin on Your Feet

Maybe it happened gradually or suddenly but you notices a white spot on your feet, tugged at it, and it came loose.  It could be dry and flaky or moist and rubbery but the issue is the same:  you have peeling skin.  Peeling skin can be potentially be painful, could be indicative of serious issues, and is, well, kinda gross.  You should do what you can to take care of it.

Possible Causes

There are many causes of peeling skin but it’s often caused by environmental factors.  Humidity is a key one as trench foot, caused by damp conditions, can often cause skin peeling.  Not allowing the feet to breath with a sealed off boot can also cause skin to start peeling.  Dry skin can create cracked skin as well.  Additional causes include athlete’s foot, sunburn, bacterial infections, and skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema.  The full list is actually quite long.

Methods of Treatment

Your treatment will be dependent on the cause.  As usual, much can be prevented or fixed by using proper footwear.  Shoes with proper ventilation can help a great deal allowing moisture in and out and giving feet the ability to breathe.  Athlete’s foot can be handled by ointments and bacterial infections or skin disorders can be attacked by drugs or other medical treatments.  If you have dry skin consider using an oil based moisturizer and sunburn-based peeling can be combated with an aloe vera lotion.

If you’re unsure what is causing the peeling on your feet it is important to check with a podiatrist who can analyze your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.  There are so many potential causes, some of which are quite serious, that you really should seek out assistance if the cause isn’t immediately obvious to you.   If you’re looking for a podiatrist to help you, Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M and the team at his Toronto clinic are ready to help.  Contact us today.

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