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What is a Neuroma?

There are plenty of issues associated with feet but one of the more painful ones is a neuroma, also called a ‘pinched nerve’ or nerve tumor.  It’s a non-cancerous growth usually found between the third and fourth toes and can be accompanied by feelings of pain, burning, numbness, or tingling.  Usually however the main symptom is pain between the toes while walking or running – it’s often described as similar to having a sharp stone in the shoe.  Of those who develop neuromas the majority are women.


The causes of a neuroma are the usual candidates for most foot problems.  Improperly fitting footwear, especially anything that squeezes toes together can be an issue as can high heels as they increase pressure on the front of the foot.  Trauma or injury can result in the pinched nerve forming as can other foot issues like a high arch or a flat foot.  Basically anything that can bring instability to the foot and create more pressure than is healthy on the front of the foot can help to form a neuroma.


Proper shoes are your first step to making sure a neuroma doesn’t grow to become too painful.  Look for shoes designed to balance pressure with good insoles and support – that means no high heels.  If you’re looking for immediate relief simply resting and massaging the foot can ease pain temporarily.  However, if it is a chronic and painful issue you should seek out a podiatrist.

Once in the hands of professional you’ll far more options to treat your neuroma.  Anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections can ease inflammation and custom orthotics can prevent the condition from getting worse.  If the neuroma has grown to a point where other treatments are no longer useful surgery may be necessary – the procedure will remove the nerve tissue and can be performed in-clinic with a relatively fast recovery time.

If you have a pain in your foot you may think is a neuroma you should get it checked out by a professional and experienced podiatrist.  Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M serves Toronto from his clinic at Bayview and Eglinton.  Get in touch today to have your pain diagnosed and treated.

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