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Secrets for the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

Making your feet look good can be labour-intensive and time consuming to the point that many find it most convenient to outsource that work to the nearest nail salon.  Still, there are benefits to an at-home DIY pedicure like saving money and satisfaction at a job done exactly the way you like it.  Here are some great methods, and a few special tips, to making your feet beautiful right in the comfort of your own home.

The Soak

Once your nails are polished free and clean go ahead and soak your feet in a basin of warm water for about 2 to 5 minutes.  For extra luxury you can add a mineral foot soak, or just stick to good old soap.

The Scrape

While still a little damp, use a foot file on both feet with extra attention to rougher areas.  Alternatively or additionally work over callused spots with a pumice stone.  Afterwards use an exfoliating scrub to remove remaining dead skin and thoroughly clean what remains.  Rinse your feet in the basin or wipe them off with a towel.

The Shape

It’s time to break out the clippers.  Clip the nails straight across – an important tip for avoiding ingrown toenails – and then use an emery board to smooth and shape the nail.  Once your toenails are shaped to your standards you can work on the cuticles with a remover and pusher and an optional cut with a cuticle cutter – be careful not to cut live skin, only dead skin and hangnails

The Finale

The last step is the application of a rich foot cream to lock in moisture.  This will keep your feet looking healthy and radiant.  These are some great tips for doing your own pedicure, but if you have foot problems a pedicure isn’t going to solve it’s probably best to consult a professional.  Contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. to assess your issues and offer potential solutions.

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