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Hot Sand on Foreign Shores – Keeping Your Feet Healthy on Vacation

A hot summer lends itself to the imagining of shores near and far and adventuring into crystal clear waters—a cool drink awaiting your return on the beach.  It’s a beautiful and attainable dream, but one that could potentially be fraught with peril for your feet.  Here are some tips for keeping your feet in great shape both on the journey and upon your arrival at the sunny paradise of your choice.

  • Near the Water – Make sure to wear footwear of some kind in public areas where water may be shared among other vacation-goers.  Minimizing the risk of slippage and fungal infection is well worth the trouble.  Sandals and flip-flops work well for this kind of situation, but be aware they are likely not a good idea for anything more taxing for your feet.
  • There and Back – Modern travel involves a lot of sitting in transit, and standing around in order to get processed to sit in transit.  As a result, comfortable, well-fitting shoes are a must.  Make sure to wear comfortable socks, to minimize exposure during security or while on long trips where keeping your shoes on becomes unpleasant.  Make sure to stretch your legs occasionally as well, as this will help circulate the blood and help prevent deep vein thrombosis or blood clots.
  • Venturing out – Whether a day trip to the local crocodile farm or an exploratory adventure in the jungle your travels may lead you well off the beaten track.  As with all things, good footwear is extremely important.  Consider hiking gear or running shoes depending on the situation.
  • In Case of Emergency – It’s a good idea to carry some foot care supplies along with a more standard first aid kit.  Blister pads, foot cream, aloe, clippers, and a nail file can be easily added to bandages, medications, and the like.

If you have any foot problems arising from a vacation, or want to take care of any issues because you have one coming up, schedule a visit with Toronto Podiatrist Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. for assessment, so you can be ready to hit the beach.

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