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Fairy Godmother, Fix my Toes!

If you've ever wished for a fairy godmother to wave her magical wand and fix your painful feet, you may find your wish has just come true. Think, "Less pain, less trauma and less time," and you will have the key elements of minimally invasive foot surgery in a nut shell.

Perhaps you haven't been kind to your feet throughout your life. You may have mis-treated them by squeezing them into shoes that were too small, too tight, or too narrow and now you are suffering the consequences: bunions, hammer toes, claw toes or ingrown toenails. You may also have tried conservative treatments without success. Padding and strapping used to correct or cushion deformities can be effective when bones are young and soft or as a temporary measure to get you through a particular event; but usually, toe deformities can only be corrected with surgery.

Surgery can effectively correct conditions like hammer toe where commonly the small joint of the second or third toe protrudes upwards and the toe will not lie flat. This humping up of the toe causes the prominent joint to rub against shoes that don't have a deep toe box. Over time, the tendons around the joint will tighten making it difficult to straighten the toe. This condition can be reversed in younger people where the toes are still flexible by splinting the toe and by doing exercises, but surgery is necessary for a fixed hammer toe.

There is a trademarked, "Cinderella Procedure" that is available to the rich and famous who think it perfectly viable to have cosmetic foot surgery so they may continue to wear high fashion shoes for glamorous events; foot surgery should primarily be done to alleviate pain and deformity. Unlike the fantasy world of Cinderella, your reality may currently involve living with painful feet; however, with modern techniques, you needn't suffer any longer. 

Minimally invasive foot surgery (MIS) is performed by specialists like Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, who has been using this technique for more than 30 years. The small incisions cause less trauma to the tissues resulting in less post-operative pain and a shorter recovery period. Studies like one published in The Journal of Foot and Ankle Research concluded, "Performing MIS to address simple and complex digital deformity results in low complication rates compared to published standards."

Because the procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic, patients are able to walk straight after the operation without the need for casts or crutches. The foot is bandaged and patients need to wear a special sandal for a short period until they are able to return to normal footwear. And soon after, as if your fairy godmother had waved her magic wand, you will no longer have to live with painful feet.





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