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Pain, pain; go away…

Pain, pain; go away…

Personal trainer, George Beck, spends 14 hours a day in Baltimore helping people get into shape; meanwhile, he was quietly fighting his own battle—pain. According to an article on wbaltv.com, pain, in the form of plantar fasciitis, was his constant companion. He had tried steroid injections and stretching exercises without success but received instant relief when treated with super pulsed laser therapy.

Super pulsed laser therapy is a patented technology approved by the FDA that uses two wavelengths of light simultaneously to treat pain. Other types of laser therapy uses only one wavelength: a continuous wavelength that reduces inflammation and gets the circulation moving ultimately reducing pain, or a pulsed laser emission that gives immediate pain relief by blocking the pathways to the brain that detect pain, but doesn’t reduce the inflammation or swelling. A combination of pulsed and continuous wavelengths in a synchronized way reinforces both effects therefore resulting in pain relief and reduced inflammation.

In simple terms, the light energy invades damaged cells and stimulates activity that speeds recovery. There is no heating or cooling of the area, no pain and no side effects. Once the treatment is over and the cells have healed, people experience almost immediate relief.

Many people experience relief after the first treatment but the effects of the treatment are cumulative so if additional treatments are required, the pain should reduce further after each treatment. Conditions that commonly benefit from this type of treatment include: osteoarthritis, degenerative joint conditions, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries, muscle strains and tears, neurological pain, chronic non-healing wounds, general pain, musculoskeletal pain, specific, muscular-skeletal pain and inflammatory conditions.

You too can experience pain relief from this safe, effective, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment. Consult your Toronto based Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, for an accurate diagnosis of your pain and for advice on the best treatment option for you.





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