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Foot Problems That Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Solve

Minimally invasive foot surgery can be used to solve a number of foot problems. It is not the first option used by podiatrists to treat patients, but when conservative treatment options prove ineffective, it can be considered.

Foot Problems that Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Solve

Minimally invasive surgery, which uses small incisions and special instruments instead of a large incision at the beginning of the procedure, can be used for the following types of procedures:

  • Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are projections that develop along the edges of bone. Heel spurs can be caused by strains on ligaments and muscles in the feet, as well as stretching of the plantar fascia or tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone. Athletes who are running and jumping are especially vulnerable.

  • Bunions

A bunion is an enlarged joint or bone around the base of the big toe. The big toe may even be turned inward toward the second toe. Not all bunions are painful, but some of them may be swollen and tender.

  • Corns

Corns are an area of thick skin on the foot that is caused by friction or pressure. They have an inner core that may be either soft or hard. Soft corns are located between the toes. Hard corns form on top of the toes.

  • Hammertoes

A hammertoe is a type of deformity of the joints that causes a toe to become bent upward in the middle instead of pointing forward. As a result, the toe looks like a hammer. It can affect the any toe, but most often affects the second or third ones.

  • Ingrown Toenails

When a toenail has grown into the skin instead of over it, it is ingrown. In most cases, it happens to the big toe, but it can affect other toes as well. An ingrown toenail can become red, swollen, painful or even become infected. Cutting the nails too short or rounding the edge of the nail can cause the toenails to become ingrown. Wearing shoes that are too tight can also lead to this common foot problem.

If you are experiencing any of these foot problems and are wondering whether minimally invasive surgery may be a treatment option for you, call Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options. As an experienced podiatrist, he can diagnose and treat your foot and ankle health concerns. 

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