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How to Buy Comfortable Shoes as you Age

Over the years, wear and tear can take their toll on your feet. You’ll want to take special care to make sure that you buy comfortable shoes as you age so that you not only feel good when going about your everyday activities, but also lower your risk of injury. Some types of footwear can make it more likely that you will cause damage to your feet or have a slip and fall accident. If you can reduce your risk by making different choices when buying shoes, then that is a wise decision.

Buy Comfortable Shoes as you Age

  • Have your feet measured before you buy shoes.

Your shoe size can change over time, so make a point of having your feet measured when you go shopping for shoes. The best time to have it done is later in the day; your feet will be at their largest size at that time.

  • Keep in mind that one foot may be larger than the other.

When you buy shoes, make sure that you get a pair of shoes that fits the larger foot comfortably.

  • Look for shoes with a thick sole and uppers made from soft, flexible materials.

The soft uppers will keep your feet comfortable and the thick soles will give you a solid footing while walking and make it less likely that you will twist or sprain an ankle.

  • Do not buy shoes without trying them on.

It may be more convenient to buy shoes online, but you need to put them on your feet to know whether they feel comfortable or not. Sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even in the different lines made by the same manufacturer. Shopping in person is the best way to buy shoes to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Stand up when you try on shoes. There should be about a half inch between your toe and the end of the shoe.

The ball of your foot should fit comfortably into the widest part of the shoe without feeling pinched.

  • Walk around in the shoes to make sure that they feel comfortable.

The heels should not slide up and down when you take a step forward.

  • Don’t buy shoes that feel too tight and hope that they will stretch.

If the shoes don’t feel comfortable from the outset, either find a larger size or try a different style. It’s not worth it to try to walk around in shoes that pinch or hurt your feet.

Foot comfort is something everyone should be able to enjoy. If your feet are causing you pain, Toronto podiatrist Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. can help. Contact him for your personal consultation. 

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