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Be Pain Free with Laser Pain Therapy

Having comfortable feet that allow you to go about your daily activities is something you take for granted until you experience pain. When you have painful feet, it is not only hard to concentrate, but it may also inconvenience you because you may have to stop what you’re doing or take a break from an activity you love.

Some people try to brave it out in the hope that the pain will go away; serious runners are notorious for doing this. According to an article in local12.com, a runner named Maggie Lisle waited a year and a half before she sought treatment from a Podiatrist. The heel pain she had from her plantar fasciitis was not improving with conventional treatment like stretches, cortisone shots or physical therapy and it was starting to affect her ability to work. Her Podiatrist recommended laser therapy for her pain.

Not to be confused with extracorporeal shock wave or extracorporeal pulse activation therapy which is also a non-invasive treatment for foot pain,  laser therapy is an infra-red light with two wavelengths. Using a synchronized combination of continuous and pulsed laser emissions, laser improves local blood circulation, reduces inflammation and repairs the cells within tendons, ligaments and muscles. Each treatment lasts from 5-15 minutes and several treatments are required to provide lasting relief from pain.

The benefits of laser therapy for pain include: no incision, no risk of infection, no scar tissue, quick recovery, safe (FDA approved) and effective. It can also be used to treat pain from a number of different foot conditions and is popular with athletes because it allows them to resume strenuous workouts after only a short recovery time.

If you are experiencing foot pain, seek treatment sooner rather than later so you can be relieved of this burden. Seeking help from a professional like Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. who is based in Toronto would be a great place to start.



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